Cleaning Guide

Style: Vibe-S

Content: 100% PVC Face/Back 100% Polyester

Maintenance: W-Clean With Water Based Cleanser

COVID-19 Approved Cleaning/Disinfecting Agents:
Bleach - 10% Solution
Formula 409®
Hydrogen Peroxide
Isopropyl Alcohol - 70%
Lysol® Spray
Virex II 256

Vibe-S - Algae


These evaluations are based on laboratory testing and may not be indicative of the product’s performance in the field. Customers should first determine if the intended cleaning products are appropriate for use on their surfaces by testing them in an inconspicuous location. The majority of marketed disinfectants are designed for hard surfaces such¬† as glass, metal, ceramic and laminates. After each application of disinfectant on seating surfaces, the surface must be wiped with clean water and dried with a clean towel to remove any chemical residue that can eventually discolor or degrade the material surface.


Any failure to follow the specified dilution recommendation of a disinfectant, the directions when using these cleaners or the application of a clean water rinse after each application can precipitate a product failure that will void any warranty claim.