Eco-Friendly Products


To dream the Green Dream - it’s not so impossible. Imagine a world where we renew, recycle and conserve our Earth‘s precious resources instead of using and discarding them. Samelson-Chatelane is doing our part to help make that dream a reality with our Conserve-atory collections.

All Conserve-atory fabrics are constructed of 100% recycled polyester, produced from a combination of pre- and post-consumer waste materials, which maintain the same quality and consistency as virgin polyester. These yarns have been approved for their 100% recycled content by Scientific Certification Systems Inc., a third-party provider of certification, auditing and testing services and standards.

For every yard of Conserve-atory fabric produced, the consumption of petroleum products is reduced by 400% over the production of standard polyester products. All fabrics in these collections are manufactured and finished in the United States, thus reducing shipping fuel consumption.

For printed fabrics, we have secured 100% recycled print paper from our suppliers, and produce these prints using our dry heat-transfer process, which creates no liquid waste byproducts.

Through the combination of these efforts, we reduce the carbon footprint on our planet while conserving energy and natural resources. We invite you to join us in helping to make a difference in our planet’s present and future.

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